Look at this section to find answers to general issues on Hicosy

What is Hicosy?

Hicosy is a Configurable Ecosystem based on Open Source Hardware (Arduino YUN specifically). Staying in the wake of DIY , but in an effort to give the user an easier user experience, it consists of a set of modular devices easily assembleable by the end user, a Java installer that will lead you through the entire process of installation and configuration and a server solution in Cloud to see monitoring data.

How can I get my Hicosy?

You can get your new Hicosy buying it our internal store or on our virtual shop on Amazon. Don’t forget to improve your Hicosy’s experience purchasing our Subscription on our internal store.

I’d like to begin my Hicosy’s experience. How can I do?

Glad you have decided. You can see how simple is to begin to use Hicosy in our video tutorial.

Where can I use my Hicosy?

You can use your new Hicosy connecting it to your Home Inverter and visualizing data on your personal monitoring dashboard. See here for the list of supported inverters to see if your inverter model is already supported. Here you can see examples of plants already monitored with Hicosy.