Hicosy Service

Remotely control your plants, on a dedicated Web Console or on your Mobile Device anytime, anywhere

Web Dashboard

If something happens, I can see

How much energy is generating my plant? My plant is working effectively and strongly?
If a failure affects the normal working state of my plant, can I realize it? Hicosy monitoring service provides the tools to answer all these questions with a Cloud 24/24 Infrastructure. Subscribe to our full service, in order to monitor in real time your system, be warned on your mobile device of any fault in detail and have access to a console where you can check your output compared to the ratings, and have a estimated payback time of installation.

Mobile App

See your plant at a glance, right on your mobile device

You want to manage your plant in a easier way?
You want to receive push-notifications in real time if something goes wrong?
Very easy to use. You just need to be already registered on HiCosy  and insert username and password to login the application.