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From your dedicated Web Console, Hicosy modules enable monitoring solutions in all contexts


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Hicosy was launched thanks to the consolidated experience of Concept Reply. Since 2014 Hicosy has brought R&D expertise on Open Source technologies to the Reply Group.

In April 2015 Concept Reply launched Hicosy, a complete ecosystem for Internet of Things in the area of Renewable Energy production and monitoring. At the foundation of Hicosy are the «Open Source Objects» through which data and control signals are transmitted over the network using standard protocols.

From a platform point of view, the modules Hicosy Wi-Fi and Hicosy Wi-Fi + Cellular enable solutions in all contexts where it’s necessary to have a communication of data to the Cloud Server. Including areas not covered by standard ADSL Internet. Field of application range:

  • H24 monitoring of Photovoltaic plants
  • Tracking of alarms and warning messages
  • Comparison of target data with real production data
  • Economic estimation of ROI
  • Monthly analysis of data production and economic revenues

Hicosy allows customers to put together by themselves a complex end-to-end system to monitor their photovoltaic plant.


Reply Hicosy is growing its number of renewables energy partners.


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